At B&R Estate Group, we believe there is nothing more important than correctly appraising and evaluating an item’s worth. When questions arise an expert appraisal can provide the assurance you or your family need. In the event of a catastrophic occurrence or loss (i.e. theft, accident or forces of nature) a professional inventory and evaluation of property can protect you in the event of legal disputes. When liquidating an estate, an accurate, professional appraisal of your entire estate can prove priceless and can help you determine the real worth of personal property.


There are many types of appraisals clients need, whether it’s for insurance purposes, the probate of an estate, marital division of assets, financial planning, charitable donation, equitable distribution, business liquidation, bankruptcy, or damage claims. When liquidating an estate, an accurate appraisal can help you determine the real worth of your personal property.


What does it cost?


We are happy to provide a complete list of our appraisal fees upon request. We charge an hourly fee for most of our appraisals. Like our estate sales, there is no appraisal too small or too large. We handle everything from individual items to entire estates. Appraisals are usually conducted on-site by appointment. Your appraisal will include a signed, professionally-written document with a detailed description of your property along with its appraised value. We will also provide digital photos of your items. And we will keep a digital copy of your appraisal for up to five years in case your document becomes lost or stolen.


If you prefer, we can provide a verbal assessment of the value of your property at a reasonable per item rate. However, this informal appraisal is not binding, may not be used for legal purposes and cannot be used to support any claims.


Setting the standard


All of our appraisals conform to the strictest industry standards including both the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).  If cost is a concern, we do offer the lower priced VAV (verbal approximation of value) service. This is for people who simply want background information and/or fair market  value of their property. This will be charged at an hourly rate with a two hour minimum charge.


ISA is the only major appraisal organization that specializes solely in personal property appraisal. ISA has built up a strong reputation for stringency standards, integrity and a wide array of appraisers, both specialists and generalists.


We are happy to provide you with a professional appraisal for any of for any of your personal property needs: 

    • Estate Taxes
    • Insurance
    • Property Damage Claims
    • Pre-Nuptial Agreements
    • Divorce Settlements
    • Trusts
    • Bankruptcy
    • Probate
    • Charitable Donations