Estate Sales

Estate Sales


The most important objective of any estate sale is the organized liquidation of property in the shortest amount of time, for the highest proceeds possible. At B&R Estate Group our experts understand everything it will take tomake your estate sale a resounding success. More importantly, we realize how exhausting, overwhelming and emotional closing a person’s home or business can be. And we will do everything possible to lessen that stress on our clients.


The Professional Difference


B&R Estate Group has the professionals and expertise on hand to handle every task involved in clearing a home or business of its assets. We provide comprehensive estate sale services to individuals, law firms, banks or trust and estate professionals. You can trust us to handle every aspect of your estate with integrity, honesty, dependability and compassion. With our combined experience, we are experts in managing every detail of an estate sale, no matter what the size, large or small. From antiques and artwork, to fine jewelry, automobiles and other assets, we can evaluate, appraise and liquidate your estate.


Many think a death in the family needs to have occurred to hold an estate sale. That is not the case. Whether it’s called a living estate sale or downsizing sale, we take care of the details. We also handle moving sales, sales for divorcing couples or businesses that are simply liquidating their assets.


It starts with a preliminary visit and complimentary consultation to the home or business. At this time, we will view the property to be liquidated and discuss any concerns you have, answer questions and explain our commission and the overall process.


The commission charged by B&R Estate Group is decided in this first consultation and is based upon our estimation of expected gross sales. Several factors determine the commission, including the size of the estate and how much work will be necessary to prepare and hold the sale. There are exceptions however, where some larger ticket items (luxury automobiles, recreational vehicles, boats, etc.) may be quoted at a lower commission.