Frequently Asked Questions

Estate Sales



Q: Why should I use professionals for an estate sale?

A: For several reasons:
  • It’s a difficult task for non-professionals to get things together and run a sale as it should be run. The work is hard and you need to consider sentimentality, time, difficult family dynamics, etc.
  • Most laymen (and this includes attorneys, CPA’s, trustees, etc.) have absolutely no idea what items are worth in the secondary market.
  • There’s greater perceived value when an estate sale is conducterd by a professional estate liquidation firm.


Q: How does an estate sale work?

A: Estate sales are orderly liquidations run much as a retail shop would be, i.e., every item has a price tag. Our sales are staged, professionally organized and well advertised.


Q: Do I even have enough for an estate sale? And, do I have to have fine art, antiques or lots of expensive things?


A: We liquidate estates of all kinds, not just ones with lots of expensive things. We sell furniture of all types, clothing, general residential contents, portable buildings, cars, stereo equipment, tools, guns, motorcycles, farm equipment, and musical instruments.


Q: What should I do to get ready for a sale?


A: If there has been a death in the family, you need to have legal title and full authority to sell. All disbursements need to be made to any and all heirs before you call for a consultation. If there’s a divorce or bankruptcy liquidation, speak to legal counsel before calling us. Also, any liens or encumbrances are solely your responsibility. Do not throw items away or give away items to thrift or consignment shops before you see us. Lastly, show us any and all items you do not want us to sell before we sign a contract; because we base our commissions upon what we estimate the gross sales to be, and items taken after the signing of the contract are subject to full commission.


Q: How much do you charge to look at an estate?

A: Initial consultations are free of charge.


Q: How is your company paid for its services?


A: We charge a flat, all inclusive commission that’s based on what we estimate the gross sales will be — there are no out-of-pocket expenses to you. (There may, on rare occasion, be an exception should a commercial dumpster of any kind be required, or serious grounds maintenance. Sometimes, the estate may want additional advertisements or security above and beyond what we deem necessary, which will be an additional charge.

Because we operate on a percentage-based commission, we are motivated to get you the most money possible for your household possessions.


Q: Do you have any special requirements of the estate itself before taking a sale?


A: If you are the representative of an estate, we will need to have a photocopy of the necessary legal documents which authorize you to dispose of the contents. We also require that the homeowner’s insurance on the home itself be current and in place throughout the sale process. The estate itself is responsible for disconnecting from gas or water any appliances which are to be sold.


The furnace and air conditioner must be in working order before we begin work, and the water, gas and electricity must be turned on and kept on throughout the sale process, as must the phone line. (We run our credit card machine through the home phone line.)

Q: How long will it take you to coordinate my sale?


A: The average estate requires two to four weeks’ worth of “lead time.”